Lost in a world of wonder and light, 19 year-old Austrian photographer Monika Reiter is achieving something incredible. Pouring her tender innocence and vulnerability into her photography, Monika captures shots that sing with a truly ethereal, magical quality. The hauntingly beautiful landscape of her country is absorbed into each and every image she creates; it’s stark icy exterior acting as a majestic backdrop for her portraits and landscape images. 
Since 2012, Monika has been shooting awe-inspiring moments from behind the lens of her Nikon D5000. With an eye for documenting life as it unfolds before her, Monika’s work is touching and a true testament to her dedication to evolve as an emerging artist. Standing as an illustration of natural talent, this photographer’s self-taught training colours her art with an utterly unique perspective.  
Currently undertaking studies in photography, Monika’s openness and willingness to embrace new opportunities demonstrates her commitment to her work. Despite receiving glowing acclaim for her obvious abilities in her chosen field, Monika remains refreshingly humble. In her own words she states, “until now I’ve taught myself everything and can still learn a lot“.
This photographer’s portfolio is one which cannot be missed, so make sure you pop over to her Facebook page, website and Flickr account to browse her glorious gallery for yourself. We urge you to support Monika as she embarks on this creative journey, one which we are sure will achieve some absolutely outstanding results!   
– Lucinda
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