Jennifer Evans is the multi-talented artist, crafter, poet and librarian behind the whimsical and unique Etsy store that is Mayfifth1935 Designs. Inspired by rare packing materials, old stationery and scientific specimen boxes, Jennifer uses these objects to create new and beautiful items, all while striving to preserve the original object’s historic provenance.
Jennifer states: “I am a Librarian by trade and am fortunate enough to have access to all those recyclable materials that pass through a busy working Library…As a crafter, I use cardboard boxes to make greetings cards and brooches whilst old envelopes are used for the pages of decorated note books. As an artist, I am interested in exploring the feel and texture of paper, specifically old and fragile materials. I use my own photography for many of pieces [and private commissions] as well as magazine scraps, ordnance survey maps, postcards and the pages from old books otherwise destined for shredding.
Jennifer’s stunning artworks and craft are reminiscent of old keepsakes in the form of specimens or talismans, and it is evident that each item has been made as an object to truly treasure. When it comes to Jennifer’s inspiration behind her work, she explains: “I am influenced by many philosophies and ideas; Victorian children’s literature and illustration, faery folklore, anthropomorphic animals, time travel, Gothic romance and the crossing of parallel and past lives. These influences are seen in my paper and text collages of floral adorned animals and decorative sculls.
To view more precious and handmade objects from Mayfifth1935 Designs, please head on over to the Etsy shop. We also encourage you to support Jennifer’s beautiful and sustainable craft endeavours by ‘liking’ the Mayfifth1935 Designs Facebook page. Enjoy!
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