'La vie au pastel' by Mademoiselle Florence on Whim Online Magazine 3

This pretty and pastel photoshoot by Mademoiselle Florence captures both the tranquil seaside and the picturesque countryside.

Florence is the talented photographer behind the series, and she explains that her dreamy photography aims to capture “charming clothes and soulful moments”. 

The German-based creative is also inspired by France. She explains: “The French country with it’s culture and language inspire me constantly. The mystic Brittany for my whimsical staged works and the Provence with all it’s rural magnificence.”

We’re excited to present you with an exclusive and inspirational interview with Florence on the blog today, which you can read below:


Q: When did your love of photography first blossom?

A: Before I explored photography I loved to draw and paint in the years of my childhood and youth. Sometimes I felt restricted in my possibilities. Especially in those moments I saw a sky with rays of sun breaking through the blanket of clouds. I never was able to capture that moment on paper or canvas the way I wanted. I always thought it is just because I had to get better first.

Some years later after I decided to invest into a better camera for taking everyday pictures and started with taking shots of flowers and animals I realized I found the way to capture the moment as I see it right before my eyes.

Q: What inspires your creativity the most?

A: I would say music has an immense impact on my work. After I devoted my free time completely to photography I was a passionate musician myself. Over the years photography gained more and more influence and got more time consuming as well I had to decide what I want to keep up with. I made my decision for photography. Nonetheless music still has a huge impact when I’m creating new concepts for shoots.

In addition I would name paintings, drawings, literature and movies. For me there’s nothing like the world that enfolds in your head when looking at a finished painting or reading a good novel. Movies are a great way to get visually inspired by the work of costume designers and scene-builders. The feeling of being incredibly affected by beautiful moving pictures combined with carefully composed music is magnificent.

Q: Please tell us a little about the experience you had whilst capturing this beautiful series of images?

A: I planned this series during the colourless winter and decided to create it in honour of spring. Every part of it is dedicated to a certain theme. Whereas blue is committed to the freshness of water and green to the relation between human and nature, rose and lavender focus on the emotional side with their topics “peace of mind” and “dearest wishes”.

Q: I had the honour to work with a talented florist based in Leipzig, as well as I am.

A: With my models I had a very relaxed time during the shoots. For me nothing is more important than having a good time besides the work. I realized the four parts within two weeks. With barely any room to switch the set dates for the shoots around and luckily the weather was incredibly kind to us.

For the dresses I chose a company I first got in touch with when I decided on one of their dresses for my graduation ball. Over the years they became an absolutely reliable and amazing source for me when it comes to lovely dresses for my clients and models. For this series I had the opportunity to get supported by them with their beautiful creations.

Q: How would you describe an average day in the life of Florence?

A: Most of my days are filled with University stuff. So a normal day would start with a good breakfast and the obligatory cup of tea. After I’m attending lectures and seminars, then will spend some time at the library to prepare for my classes and have lunch in between.

At home I’ll take some time to calm down and start then my favourite time of the day with doing photography related things. That could be answering e-mails, taking a look onto social media, paperwork, planning future sessions and editing.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-too-distant future; Do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us?

A: This autumn I will start the lovely genre of wedding photography and I’m surely more excited than the couple itself. I could not have two people more wonderful for my first experience as lead photographer. In the next years documenting pure love in engagements and weddings will hopefully play an important role in my photographic life.


We want to thank Florence for taking the time to answer our questions and we encourage you to view more of her wonderful work by visiting her website, Facebook page and Instagram (@mademoiselle.florence). Enjoy!

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