The bathroom is traditionally the smallest room in the house.

It isn’t a design flaw, it’s just that the bathroom is not one of the rooms in the house we relax in. It’s usually the last to be refitted and it’s a trickier one to redesign because of the lack of space. One thing to remember is that the bathroom is no longer just a room of function. Whether you want to create a sensuous space to relax in, a place of modern simplicity or a luxurious spa, you may find the actual room space to be an issue.

The magazine spreads that show bathrooms bigger than living rooms are often in the homes of the rich and famous. While they’re beautiful, it’s not practical to plan your own bathroom on the size of those because it’s highly likely that yours is a fraction of the size! In the absence of square footage, we need illusion. Once the bathroom feels like it’s larger, you’ll have far more to work with. You can choose to meet with designers or use Pinterest as your inspiration before you buy your bathroom online from Bathroom Takeaway and decorate with some help from a designer. There are some hacks you can utilise to give your bathroom that optical illusion of more space so take on board some of these and watch your little room transform!

  • Rip out the bath and install a large shower space. By turning the entire room into a wet room, you end up installing all your tiles as far up as the ceiling which makes the room look bigger. Check out this example of floor to ceiling tiles in a smaller bathroom. Making sure those tiles are laid vertically and are of a light colour also means there is no break in the wall so the eye is drawn direct to the ceiling. Well, not really, but it sure does look like it!
  • With that in mind, using large tiles visually expands the entire room. This isn’t just for the walls either, but for the floor. Bold colours and plain tiles will ensure that your overall look is uniform and clean.
  • Glass and mirrors give the chance for light to flood a room so go for a floor to ceiling shower screen that doesn’t have a pattern on it. In your own bathroom, you don’t really need to have a privacy screen. Hang a larger than average mirror over the sink and have this opposite a window for the reflective light to bounce into every corner of the room.
  • Freeing up space by taking out any counters and vanity units will give you more floor space. This alone creates an illusion of space that you didn’t have before. Have units installed on the walls and heated towel rails hung.

Your bathroom may be a tiny room in your home, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be beautifully arranged and visually appealing. Let these hacks show you the potential your bathroom has to be just as outstanding as every other room in the house.


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