Luna helps make fairytales come alive in beautiful, ethical, and handmade wedding dresses for the modern bride.

All of Luna’s dresses are handmade to order in the label’s studio based in Harrogate, the UK, using luxurious natural materials.

The label further explains: “Gorgeous fabrics are personally selected from world-loving sources that ensures a conscious-free mind and an awe-inspiring body. With a romantic heart in classic sophistication and an expert eye on feminine fun, the Luna collection dances with magic and mystery as the Luna bride sparkles with individuality and independence.”

You’re in luck today, as we’ve got an exclusive interview with Luna Bride’s Founder, Keely, below. Enjoy!

Q: Congratulations on your new brand called Luna! When did you launch Luna and what initially inspired you to do so?

A: The inspiration for Luna was to create an ethical clothing brand that is desirable for modern women. It is important to me that the materials are natural and working practices are fair, but also that the clothing is stylish and luxurious. I felt that organic wedding dresses would be a lovely way of doing this. The Luna bridal and bridesmaid collections have been designed and brought to life throughout the last year.

Q: For those of our readers who might not be familiar with Luna, how would you describe it to them in just three words?

A: Simple. Elegant. Organic.

Q:  We understand that Luna specialises in organic wedding dresses and all dresses are handmade to order in your studio. What is it about organic and handmade dresses that you feel most passionate about?

A: I live an organic lifestyle and wanted to bring this into clothing. I want every aspect of Luna to be traceable, ethical and authentic. The idea is to create beautiful dresses without harming the planet or exploiting anybody. Our fabrics are carefully sourced to be kinder to the environment and softer to the skin. All dresses are handmade in our Harrogate studio, where seamstresses are paid fair wages, and we can lovingly custom make every gown to be perfect for each bride.

Q: What does an average day in the life of Keely look like?

A: In the morning I go for a run, or do Yoga and have a healthy breakfast – then I am ready to start the day’s work in my studio. If I am not there designing new collections or hand-making orders, I am out and about, at dress fittings and photoshoots, or travelling and jotting down new ideas – I always have a notebook with me to capture inspiration! In the evenings, often I feel motivated to continue making, but when I can I like to relax with friends and wine.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with Luna in the not-too-distant future; do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us?

A: I am always creating new designs for the Luna collection, aiming to refine it and continually improve. I‘m really looking forward to photoshoots and videos I have planned in different amazing locations. My dresses will be exhibited at fairs across Yorkshire and in London. I hope to make many more gowns for happy brides, and for Luna to become increasingly well known as a leading ethical bridal brand.

Q: Lastly, where can our readers find out more about Luna online?


We want to thank Keely for taking the time to shed some more light on her beautiful bridal label with us, and encourage you to check out Luna Bride’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram (luna_bride). Enjoy!

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