We’re very excited to be featuring jewellery / accessories line Naturae Design and some breathtaking photos showcasing their new collection, ‘Beneath the Stars’.

Handmade in The Netherlands, Naturae Design produces a range of tiaras, combs, headbands, belts and veils, as well as sourcing a series of antique myrtle crowns. These pieces feature a variety of precious metals and crystals, including organic pearls and the eye-catching, fiery-blue labradorite.

“The Beneath The Stars collection is for the woman who is inspired by an otherworldly realm and attracted by the mystery of the velvet night sky.  A love unfolding beneath the stars. Filled with celestial inspired pieces with Moonstones, silver quartz, crescent moons with pave diamonds and handmade stars,” says maker and designer Daniella van den Huijssen.

Once you can tear your eyes away from the shoot’s stunning mountain backdrop, you’ll see Beneath the Stars is the work of a real auteur in jewellery-making, with each piece feeling unique but also part of a very special family – perhaps originating from somewhere beyond the cosmos.

We’re also really excited to bring you an exclusive interview with Designer Daniella in the coming days, along with her gorgeous studio shoot featuring the collection’s designs. Stay tuned for that!

Head to Naturae Design’s website to view more, or visit them on Facebook or Instagram (@naturae_design). (But don’t blame us if you find yourself reckoning a gold-plated tiara into your next budget!)


Full credits: Photography: Anna Tereshina (@annatereshinaphoto) | MUA: Monique Eigenmann (@mua_eigenmann) | Flowers: Florésie (Leatitia Mayor) (@floresie) | Models: Laura Griot & Olivia Maritz (@daremekid and @lauragriot) | Film: BLOND&BLAUW (@blondenblauw) | Music: Tom Raaff (@tomraaff).


Cecile Blackmore is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. She writes and edits at The Creative Issue and hoards vintage clothing – follow her adventures on Instagram at @saintcecile.

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