It can take a lot of courage to leap out of your comfort zone!

Melbourne photographer David Thompson of Tacitic Photography has a portfolio featuring an abundance of studio and runway photography, but he recently embarked on a shoot with Whim’s ethereal style especially in mind, and we’re so pleased to see the results!

David’s captured model Hollie in some dreamy poses by the river. With her long, free locks, flowing sleeves and leather jewellery, Hollie’s sporting some serious 70s vibes.

In an Australian summer that seems to be dragging on forever, clothes your mum might’ve worn back in the day have been a favourite for festivals and daywear alike with its flowy, light fabrics and maximum skin on show, and we’re so glad.

We’re also loving the decadent flower crown she’s sporting, along with her high-drama makeup accentuating her gorgeous elfin features. Keep reading for an inspiring interview photographer David Thompson!

Q: This is one of your first forays into a more whimsical-style shoot – what made you take the plunge?

A: For ages I have been interested in mystical and fantasy illustrations. Since becoming a photographer, I have thought it will be amazing to recreate similar with real people.
I stumbled onto Whim magazine a few months ago and when Hollie (the model in these photos) suggested she wanted to do an outdoor shoot in long grass, I jumped at the opportunity to do a shoot with Whim in mind.

Q: How do you get the creative best out of your model on the day?

A: We start with a mood board of inspirational images and ideas but then I like to have everyone in the team put their own artistic style into it to create something a bit different.
I like all my shoots to be fun and relaxed with no pressure on anyone to create a specific look. With creative freedom, great photos just come naturally :)

Q: You do a lot of work with RAW Melbourne and other fashion shows – do you enjoy shooting runway shows?

A: I sure do enjoy shooting runway shows! There are many hours pre-show preparation and I like interacting with the models, hair and makeup artists, designers and stylists.
It is true when they say shooting a runway is just like shooting any fast paced sporting event as the show itself is over in just a few minutes!

It’s exciting and can be challenging at times to get the perfect shot of each model on the runway and I love it!

Q: Will you be planning any more shoots in this vein in the future?

A: Absolutely!

Stay tuned for more of David’s shoots – in the meantime, you can visit him on Facebook and Instagram at @taciticphotography.


Full credits: Photographer: Tacitic Photography | Model: Hollie Vorbach (@hollievorbach) | HMUA: Charlotte Flouch (@charlotteflouch_mua)


Cecile Blackmore is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. She writes and edits at The Creative Issue and hoards vintage clothing – follow her adventures on Instagram at @saintcecile.

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