Looking through Melbourne lifestyle and homewares brand Arro Home, we’ve never wanted to fit out an empty apartment so badly.

From chopping blocks to ottomans, Arro Home has an array of the perfect finds to layer and co-ordinate to your heart’s content!

Arro Home’s extensive but artfully curated range celebrates style and practicality, featuring desert pastels, modern, funky prints and fond nods to vintage Australiana like their Corn Tumblers (did anyone else’s grandma have a set of these?).

We’re so glad to see such a range of plant stands to accommodate the burgeoning love that many of us have for indoor flora, as well as adorable bedding designs like this one.

With 32k followers on Instagram, Arro Home have shown that you can make it work despite not yet having a physical showroom (though we hear murmurs to “watch this space!”). Their feed is a constant stream of #designgoals and we’re in love with the thoughtful, engaging product blurbs throughout their website (how weird is it to appreciate good copywriting on a furniture website?).

The team also offers over-the-phone advice and a web chat to talk through your potential purchase.

If all of this talk of cute cushions, pastel rugs, and unique homewares has you got you feeling inspired, be sure to keep reading, because we’ve got a lovely little interview with  the Arro Home team members below!

Q: How did Arro Home first come about?

A: A little over two years ago, managing director Adam Rogers spotted a gap in the online homewares market and Arro Home was born. In 2014, we set up shop as a purely online retailer, offering a range of contemporary homewares designed to help our customer ‘make their place’. The response was overwhelming and as the business has grown, we’ve developed a unique offering of rugs, homewares and furniture with a distinctly Melbourne flavour.

Q: What do you think is the benefit of surrounding yourself with a stylish interior?

A: A considered interior is both a retreat and a reflection of who you are. There is nothing more relaxing or rewarding than being able to stand back and say “This space feels like me”.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about Arro Home’s ethos?

A: We’ve designed our range in layers that can be implemented from the ground up – the idea being that a home should be ever-developing, an extension of personality. We’re all about moving away from the ‘sameness’ of the homewares market and we believe in the importance of putting a unique stamp on your space.

Q: You proudly describe Melbourne as the world’s most livable city – what are some decor aspects that you’ve found to be typically ‘Melbourne’?

A: The one thing that really stands out about Melbourne is the diversity of lived experience; there is no single typically Melbourne aesthetic and that’s the beauty of this city! It’s all about visual exploration, playing with colour and pattern, pairing directional pieces with timeless styles to create spaces that speak to individual tastes and personalities.

Q: Has it been a challenge setting up shop without a physical showroom so far? What are some of the ways you’ve overcome that hurdle?

A: It’s definitely been a challenge, but that’s half the fun! We’re always looking at different ways to provide great service for our customers and make the process of online homewares shopping less overwhelming. We provide fabric swatches and initiatives like free rug returns to make sure our customers end up with products that best suit their lifestyle and home.

A trip through Arro Home’s webspace is like a little window into a future, more stylish life – have a look today, or follow them on Instagram (@arrohome) or Facebook.


Cecile Blackmore is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. She writes and edits at The Creative Issue and hoards vintage clothing – follow her adventures on Instagram at @saintcecile.

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