How does Barbie celebrate 58?
Bubblegum pink icing,
Dressed up in birthday cake!

Bedazzling blue butterflies,
Party balloons and bows,
This March 9th, Birthday Barbie steals the show!

Q: Congratulations Jade [of Wolfette Styling] on your 12 Months of Barbie project – what a wonderful idea! Please tell us what the inspiration and motivation was behind this project?

A: Thank you! Late 2016, I took a few days to myself and spent that time really pondering about what I wanted to CREATE and share with the world in 2017! At the top of my list, a sparkly and pink Barbie inspired project.

As I started to venture further down the Barbie rabbit hole.. I began to realize just HOW many iconic themes could be done. How could I only choose one? Or three?! We needed 12, at least ;) We’ve never shot a continuous concept over a year’s span, but I simply couldn’t help myself to the wild idea! 1 new Barbie doll every single month for all of 2017.

Q: We adore Birthday Barbie, especially because we just recently celebrated Whim’s own birthday! What do you love the most about this particular Barbie?

A: Happy Birthday Whim!! We had some serious kick ass people hop on board to help us do the impossible: create a LIFE SIZE Barbie cake dress.

Remember the Barbie cake you got for your 5th birthday? Barbie was stuck right in the top, the cake and icing made up her ginormous party dress! Well, we knew this was exactly what we had to do… but about 50 times the sizes ☺

Barbie was born on March 9th, 1959, which is why we’ve chosen Birthday Barbie as our theme for March. She’s 58 this year!!

Q: These images are incredible! Please tell us more about the experience you had planning and capturing this photo shoot? 

A: Well of course, there were some challenges along the way!! What kind of structure could maintain the weight of all that icing? How would we make the icing stick? Can we find a cake decorator as crazy as us to create this?! How is Barbie getting in there…?

To give you a little insight.. we had 11 people running mix masters, making icing, cleaning bowls and cutting streamers the night before our shoot. Kakes by Kathie decorated the ENTIRE dress herself… she pulled an all-nighter and went through 108 bags of icing sugar alone! Despite EVERYTHING, she went through to make this happen, it happened.

We will bow down to her for decades for making our vision come to life in such a short time, seriously. It’s so empowering to meet other individuals who are just as determined as you are. And what’s an incredible project if there weren’t some tears, face palms and bursts of joy?!

Q: We know you can’t give too much away, but do you have any teasers or hints that you might be able to give us about the next Barbie in the series? 

A: Think Jane Fonda, 1980’s style.

Q: Lastly, where can our readers find more of your amazing work?

A: !! <3

Special thanks to the talented team below:

Photography: White Willow Photography / @whitewillow_fashion | Videography: Aaron DeSilva  / @aaron.desilva | Creative Direction + Styling + Set Design: Wolfette Styling / @wolfettestyling | Set Design Assist: Momma Troll @tokidoki21 / Celine Pelladeau @pillowmanie | Custom Cake Decorator: Kakes by Kathie / @kakesbykathie | Cake Structure Design: Dave of White Willow Photography / @whitewillow_fashion | Model: Makenna of DejaVu Model Management / @makennabrae @dejavumodelmgmt | Makeup Artistry: It’s Likely Makeup / @itslikelymakeup | Hair Styling: Darcie Jillian of Antidote Hair / @darciejillian @antidotehair | Nail Artistry: Giselle Caballero / | Hair Extensions: Killer Lox / @killerloxhair

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