If you’re anything like us, you probably have a pretty impressive collection of brooches that you like to break out for certain occasions or outfits.

Lately we’ve been wondering though: why keep these dainty treasures hidden away for most of the year?

After some brainstorming and outfit experimentation of our own, we’ve come up with these top tips for how you can incorporate brooches into everyday wear!

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Jazz-up your winter coat

One of our favourite ways to show-off our much-loved brooches is to wear them on the lapel of our coats during the colder seasons. The cooler weather and dull grey skies can have you feeling less-than-ordinary, but a sparkly brooch (or something bright like a flower brooch) can instantly boost your mood.

This is also a fabulous way to make a coat or jacket appear more formal, particularly at special events such as weddings.

Pin one on your scarf

If you want to add extra allure to an otherwise plain scarf, one of the easiest and quickest ways to do this is by pinning your favourite brooch onto it, particularly where the scarf is knotted or tied. A scarf or neck-tie adorned with a brooch is also a fantastic way to infuse your outfit with some vintage-inspired glamour.

Add glitz to a handbag or clutch

We’ve probably all got one handbag or clutch at home that’s slightly on the boring side, yet we can’t seem to part from it. You can easily give it a quick makeover by pinning a stunning brooch to it, particularly near the clasp or somewhere in the centre. A brooch will instantly give it a boost, adding both style and intrigue to your bag for everyday wear.

A new take on collar tips

In recent years, metallic collar tips became the must-have accessory to jazz-up a blouse or dress. Taking inspiration from this trend, you can also pin a brooch to each side of your collar (on the pointy bits) to create your own unique take on this style. This works particularly well if you have two identical, or near-identical brooches. Even if you’re wearing a garment without a collar, it still works – just see the gorgeous image from Gal Meets Glam above!

Using brooches to adorn your hair

This is an everyday use for brooches that you may not have thought about before, but you can also incorporate the accessories into your hair or headwear – just as popular blogger Gal Meets Glam has done above! A brooch pinned to a headband instantly gives it added appeal, while one secured to your hair just above your pony tail (much like a hair clip) is an immediate way to add Old Hollywood inspired glamour. We’ve also noticed plenty of bloggers using brooches to jazz-up their beanies or berets during winter.


Remember, when it comes to style there are hardly any set rules, so get creative with your brooches to see what new looks you can create!

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