Longtime blogging legend, Peppermint Magazine cover girl, and Etsy crafter Connie Cao is the mind behind K is for Kani – and she has just about perfected the art of the ultimate flower crown.

Flower crowns have their roots everywhere from Victorian England, ancient Greece, Ukrainian folk history, and the classic 1980s bridal spray of gypsophila, but their comeback has only ever been on the rise since they exploded onto the bridal, festival and even club night scene over the past decade or so. We’re all fans here at Whim – there’s often nothing better to give a look a bit of magic.

After many of Connie’s ranges selling out online, and going down a treat at the Finders Keepers Markets, she’s just brought out some wonderful new headpieces in her “online garden” – and we’re obsessed!

Her new collection ‘Summer Rose’ features a beautiful range of ornate, hand-crafted fabric flowers from roses to silver leaves. (Though Connie’s flowers are fabric, we were 100% convinced otherwise until we read her Etsy FAQs!)

Working from a studio in Melbourne, Connie also models all her own designs. Coming into “that age” where many of her friends are getting married, she’s been enjoying the opportunity to create unforgettable pieces for their special days.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the talented Connie about her latest collection to hit her Etsy store – ‘Summer Rose’. Keep reading to find out all about her process, inspiration, and more!

Q: What’s your background in floristry?

A: I actually taught myself how to make flower crowns. Through many trials and experimentations, I came up with my own way of making them in a way that’s quality and lasts.

Q: Flower crowns have become a must-have accessory in recent years for everything from festivals to weddings – why do you think people love them so?

A: I think they’re great because they add a nice touch of nature to your look. They’re colourful, stunning and flowers are naturally festive which makes them so perfect for such occasions. In particular, artificial flower crowns are also rising in popularity because you don’t need to worry about flowers wilting or making sure your crown is ready on the day. Everything can be organised weeks before making the process much more stress free!

Q: I know it’s probably like naming a favourite child, but what’s your favourite flower to use in a crown?

A: Hmm that’s a hard one! But I’m going to have to say small wildflowers! I love how they make flower crowns look a little more natural looking and not so put together in a beautiful way.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the process of designing a one-off flower crown?

A: One-off designs are so fun and simple because there’s no stress in trying to replicate something handmade in the exact same way. I love making one off designs because like bouquets, there’s just so many different colour combinations and flower arrangements you can do!

Visit Connie’s Etsy store here for a look at her new range, or check out her wonderful blog, Facebook or Instagram (@kisforkani).


Cecile Blackmore is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. She writes and edits at The Creative Issue and hoards vintage clothing – follow her adventures on Instagram at @saintcecile.

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