To many, the art world can feel quite cold and a little intimidating. The thing is, though, it can be a really wonderful place, with lots of creativity and inspiration.

While it can be considered to be only for the really wealthy, the art scene truly isn’t out of reach. Whatever your budget, there is something for everyone and every style and taste.

Your art collection can be displayed proudly in your home and passed down in your family. So what are you waiting for? Here are our top tips for beginners wishing to start their very own art collection!

Take Your Time

There is no need to rush into making a purchase, or getting the first piece that you see. There are bargains all around the country, and indeed the world, to be had. You just need to take your time and do your homework too. Look for quirky market stalls, vintage stores, as well as things like auctions. 

Buy For You

It can be hard to buy art when you have in mind that you might just sell it on. Art is very subjective and what might appeal to you and your price range, might not appeal to someone else. They might not pay as much for it as you’d expect them to. So you do need to buy art just for you, otherwise, you’ll get nowhere fast. Think of art as an investment and an extension of your home.

Look Online

The internet is a wealth of knowledge for just about anything. One of the things you can use the internet for is finding online galleries, sites like Sulis Fine Art or pieces for sale on auction sites. You can also use the internet to check art databases. You can check what price a piece should be going for. You don’t have to just accept a dealer’s price, just because they are a dealer. Getting confirmation online is a good way to know how much something is actually worth.

Be Careful With Posters

Posters can be tricky to buy, as it can be hard to know that they are genuine. So first of all, you should be looking for a signature with a poster print. You should also look to buy from a small edition of prints.

Think Classic

Unless you’re in on the art scene, then it can be hard to gauge what will be on the rise. So it is best to hedge your bets and stay on the safe side. Look for more classic, timeless prints, rather than contemporary. Unless, of course, that really is the style that you are after.

I hope that you have found these tips to be useful when starting an art collection. While there isn’t a right or wrong way to go about it, keep in mind that there are people out there who have been known to rip-off unsuspecting art collectors! Therefore, knowing as much as possible about art collecting before you begin making purchases will help you immensely. Best of luck!


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  1. Art is something I have always enjoyed looking at but have never collected pieces for myself. I like how it mentions that the piece doesn’t have to be expensive and that it could be a beautiful piece to you. Having a collection you are proud of, that can be past down generations is something that means even more than the price of the art itself! I’m excited to learn more about the process collecting and can’t wait to start one of my own.

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