Luciana Martins is a 25-year-old fashion designer based in Argentina, Buenos Aires, and she’s also the talented individual behind label Lulu Martins.

Not only are we excited to present an inspiring interview with the super creative Luciana, but we also think you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with her latest Fall / Winter ’17 lookbook.

Titled ‘Miracles’, the collection was inspired by the Augsberg Book of Miracles, as well as  paintings by Flemish artist Hieronymus Bosch.

Luciana further explains: “Much of what I experienced as a child takes place again much later on my drawings and designs. I grew up climbing trees, collecting whatever existed to do so, and drawing with my grandmother…Usually the ideas for every collection come from a coincidence, an old postcard, a song, a piece from my mother´s wardrobe or just an inspiration during a walk.”

Keep scrolling to see our favourite images from the lookbook, plus to read our exclusive interview!

Q: How has your brand changed since you launched it seven years ago?

A: In many ways we have changed a large amount however in some more crucial ways, not that much. Since the conception of Lulu Martins, we have had a dreamy cinematographic aesthetic, so throughout we have strived to continue that theme of communication. In partnership with my sister, Valeria Martins – our photographer and image creator – we perfected the photography and the sets we build increasing the depth of each campaign.

We also began traveling once a year, to what we believe to be less discovered and interesting destinations world wide, and in these new destinations, started capturing different scenarios that were in line with our current collection.

Q: Your online presence shows a great amount of attention to detail in your work – how long does it take you to design a piece?

A: I love details! In an era that photography is the medium in which people get their information, details seem to be fading away. Maybe we have the most incredibly beautiful fabric and embroidery, but these details are so delicate and minutes that they are impossible to capture in a big lookbook photo. These are things that are only visible in real life. So we attempt to photograph our fabrics and embroidery on a smaller scale, that our spectators can see the full detail of the piece.

The length of time required for each piece is dependent on many factors. Often the piece I thought would be the simplest, ends up being the most complicated! We need a lot of time to design a collection, because we never know how the collection is going to evolve, between the time we create the drawings through to the final stitch on the dress. There is a gaping abyss containing an ever evolving process in between. But in general I start designing a collection 3 seasons before I roll it out. I am currently working on this summer, next winter and next summer, together.

Q: Your designs seem to take inspiration from several decades of fashion (50s, 60s) etc – which one is your favorite?

A: Both the 50’s and 60s are my favorite, but in a way, the 60´s represent more my ideology. In the 1950´s women had little to no rights, and it was expected that they would stay home and be the perfect housewife, so in a social, sense I don’t feel a connection to that era at all. However, I grew up admiring my grandma and her amazing handmade dresses from the 50´s and idolized the dresses of that era, so I simply end up falling into the fashion of the 50´s on a regular basis. I obviously modify the silhouette of my dresses to make them more conforming  to modern times; they have the style of the 50´s, but with a modern touch.

Q: What do you think attracts people to romantic, detailed clothes like yours?

A: I think what my clients value most, is the dreamy escape our photos and designs offer them, plus their ‘heirloom’ quality. Modern times move so fast, that it is nice for people to escape into our world and see that we aren’t a part of that. We take our time to create our pieces. We have some classic pieces that we have been doing for 3 or 4 years. We keep repeating these classics with different fabrics because people obviously love them. This means we sell a style, a way of thinking that in the end is timeless. Our clients won’t buy a piece of ours and then throw it away the next year, because they are not looking for fast fashion; they are looking for something that represents them.

We want to thank Luciana for taking the time to answer our interview questions and encourage you to see more amazing designs from this collection by visiting the Lulu Martins website. You can also find out more about this label by visiting their Facebook page and Instagram.

We also have another feature coming up from this brand within the coming days, this time featuring the ‘Miracles’ F/W ’17 campaign. Trust us, you’re going to love it – Stay tuned!


[Interview by Cecile] Cecile Blackmore is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. She writes and edits at The Creative Issue and hoards vintage clothing – follow her adventures on Instagram at @saintcecile.

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