It’s crazy to think that we are coming up to wedding season – and one of the most dreaded parts of getting ready for a wedding is finding a new outfit.

After all, you can’t overshadow the bride, but you’ll still want a beautiful outfit to feel glamorous in. At the end of the day, you are going to be in a tonne of pictures that will be spread all over social media. Here is some help finding that perfect wedding guest outfit!

Don’t be afraid to try different styles

A lot of people think that they need to wear a dress as their wedding guest outfit, but it’s not actually a must if dresses aren’t your thing. There are a tonne of other styles which will also cut the mustard. For example, you could opt for a shirt and trousers combo. Go for a beautiful floral shirt which you can style up with cute jewelry and a scarf. Then, opt for high-waisted trousers which will show off your figure.

Also, you might want to go down the suit route. Suits for girls are on-trend, and you often see stars like Evan Rachel Wood rocking a suit on the red carpet. Therefore, don’t be afraid to wear one to the wedding to look on-trend. Just avoid white so that you don’t overshadow the bride!

Alternatively, a top with a maxi skirt can also be a winning combination. You can mix up the patterns to ensure you look fabulous for the wedding.

Opt for somewhere that other guests won’t visit

We all fear turning up to a wedding in the same outfit as another guest (and then you have to hide away from them so that you aren’t next to each other in the photos). Therefore, to ensure this doesn’t happen, you should look for an outfit in shops that other guests won’t visit. Stay away from the high street where the guests might flock to and then look online instead for independent shops which might have outfits which will suit you.

You could even look for international shops that deliver to Australia. After all, you might find a great outfit from the states that would be perfect. Plus, if you look for an online coupon like a chicos promo code, it will ensure it’s not too expensive either! Remember though, it’s not just the clothes you need to be careful about; don’t buy your accessories and shoes from popular shops!

Think about the season and weather

It’s important to consider the season and the weather before you go and buy any old outfit. You don’t want to pick something which would be more suited for a winter wedding, nor do you want something for the event which is going to leave you shivering. Therefore, make sure you go for something fitting for the season and layer up so that you won’t get too cold at night! The best part is that you can get take layers off as necessary.

Alternatively, remember that you could always use an old dress and then make it new again with gorgeous accessories!


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