Whether you’re pulling your old house apart on the interior and starting again or facing a brand new home that you’re looking to build from the ground up,

you’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement and overwhelming confusion as to where you should begin. You might have done the odd spot of minor DIY here and there, but tackling an entire house for a DIY project requires careful consideration so as to ensure that everything comes together as a unified construction. Here are some pieces of advice to help you tackle your DIY home build.

Make a Plan

Before you get started, you’ll need to make a detailed plan. Don’t just list off the materials you’ll need and the things which need to be done; go in depth as to how you’ll do each thing. You could use YouTube tutorials for some DIY aspects, whether that’s tiling the bathroom or putting up shelving in the kitchen, but you might want a second opinion. You could look into custom home builders to suit you if you wanted some consultation from professionals to help put together a floor plan. You might just want the reassurance before you start building that your design plans are solid and you’re not going to run into any problems with this mammoth DIY project.

Maybe you’ll accept a helping hand with your home build, or maybe you just want some advice. Whatever the case, you should be putting a lot of thought into your planning process. You might need people to help you with certain parts of the project, or you might not. You just need to figure out the logistics of doing tasks by yourself if you’re planning to do so. It’s important that you outline the finer details regarding all the individual tasks of which this project will be comprised. You don’t want to end up with a half-finished house if you run into problems with one of the mini projects.

The Foundations

You need to start with the basics. Think about the flooring, the walls, the doors, and anything which you’ll want to cover with furnishings and… general stuff once you’re done. It’s always a good idea to start with a fresh coat of white paint on all walls in the house. It adds a bright feel to each room, it creates a uniform theme, and it creates a blank canvas on which you can work. Whether you want tiling, carpets, or wooden flooring, this should be a relatively uniform feature of the house too (excluding kitchen and bathroom flooring which should usually be tiled or of a material which won’t stain).


The best part about furnishing a house from scratch is that you control the reins. You can be as creative or as plain and ordinary as you like. It’s your build, so you call the shots. You could go for unique pipe shelving to give your kitchen that “coffee bar” feel or build a small alcove in your living as a cozy nest for the couch and a shelving unit; reading is done best in solitude. This should be the most fun part of the DIY project, as there are no rules here. Just ensure that you’ve done your online research (again, using YouTube tutorials) to ensure you can build each furnishing from scratch.

Don’t Forget the Garden

The garden should also be part of this big project, as it’s just as important to the house as any other room. Gardening to create a colorful, natural, and welcoming space is one part of the process, but it can be more fun than that even if you’re not much of an outdoor person. You could create a cozy patio area to bring some of the indoors to the outdoors; creating some comfortable seating arrangements might just give you an excuse to actually use the garden on warm summer evenings.

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