If you want to unlock your life, you usually move home. This might be moving from your parents home to a new place. Additionally, it could mean moving up, or onto the property ladder from an old home.

It’s something to appreciate, be hopeful and happy about – but it’s also a really stressful time. Moving home is a big deal, and it takes its toll. What’s more, it’s a lot of hassle – especially so if you’ve collected a lot of things that need moving. We’re here to help you out, and hopefully remove a bit of that hassle from the occasion.

The best thing to do when it comes to moving is to plan ahead. If you plan ahead, a long time ahead, you can reduce the chance that things go wrong. We don’t want things to go wrong when we move home, ideally.

Remember, you need to tell people that you are moving house. You can find big lists specific to where you are based, but you’ll have a lot of people to notify. You will need to tell your bank, your employer, your school, your council, your utility and entertainment providers, the postal service, the phone line, the broadband provider, your insurance and there could be more! The most important thing is that you let people know – not just for their sake, but so you can get billed on time, and no threads are left dangling when you arrive at your new home.

You need to move your stuff as well. That will cost you unless you know a bunch of people with big vans – but they might not help you actually ‘move’ things. That’s where removals come in. Get a few quotes and be diligent here to get a good price.  If you’ve got some good looking furniture, then hiring specialized furniture removals companies isn’t a bad idea as well. Don’t always assume that cheap removals jobs are the best – because you might find out that all your goods are left on the lawn. Not good. Find out the costs and budget for it. Also – organize this as soon as you can. You don’t want to wait and find out that you cannot get a removals agent to help out!

Remember to clean as well, as this will help with packing. So before you move, clean your home from top to bottom and this helps you ensure that you don’t leave anything behind – which is key! When it comes to packing, ensure that you and your removals firm color-code and organize everything to ensure that you don’t have to root through box after box of stuff when you move. It also ensures that boxes are stored within the room that they need to be unpacked within.

Simply put, if you want a hassle-free move, start early and plan well. That’s all there is to it!


This is a contributed article written for WhimMagazine.com

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