Get ready to enter the enchanting woods with this whimsical photo shoot by the talented Lady Byrd Productions LLC.

Featuring stunning model Ashley BeLoat adorned in all things gorgeous, it tells the story of a wood fae as she delicately traipses about this green paradise.

Before you get too lost among this magical series, we’re also very excited to mention that we have an inspiring interview with Lauren, the creative behind Lady Byrd Productions LLC, below. Enjoy!

Q: When did your love of photography first blossom?

A: My love of photography started with macro photography; things like a water drop falling off a leaf, the details of a dragonfly’s wing, freckles on a child, or the reflection in someone’s eye. I like to see the little things and pay attention to all the wonderful details that make the world so incredibly imperfect.

Q: For those of our readers who aren’t familiar with Lady Byrd Productions LLC, how would you describe it to them?

A: Lady Byrd Productions LLC is an umbrella company for my photography, cosplay, modeling, artwork, very soon a full length film and so much more. It would be best described as a company for all things creative. Make it and share it with the world.

Q: We love this fairy-inspired photoshoot! Please tell us a little more about the experience you had planning and capturing this series?

A: The experience was amazing. This was the first time that I brought a shoot from the first idea, through the planning and design and into a reality. It was also my first time submitting a shoot to a magazine! The experimenting stage with makeup, with my sister and HMUA Natalie, was super fun; it allowed us to plan what we wanted to do and slowly start to see it come to life.

I am so thankful that John allowed us to use his nursery to take photos in because the beautiful way he keeps the plants in such a natural setting was perfect. Ashley, the model, was so much more than a model in this. She brought this fae to life and I have never worked with a model who was more involved and excited about creative an alternate personality for the camera. It was like photographing a dream when it all came together.

Q: What inspires your creativity the most and why?

A: My daughter is my inspiration for most of my creativity. She motivates me and inspires me with her energy and love for dressing up. I base much of my creations around things she likes and love to see the look on her face!

Q: Lastly, what do you hope the second half of 2017 brings for your photography career?

A: I am heavily pushing into the Fantasy and Sci-fi realm of theme based photography. I have gotten very involved with local cosplay groups like Make em’ Laugh Films, Viera Comics, and Space Coast Cosplay and Props. I am also now a photographer for all Space Coast Comic Con events here in Florida and I am so excited about seeing the creative works that come of it! I could not be happier with the path that my company is going in and so much adventure coming my way!

We want to thank Lauren for taking the time to share her wonderful series with us and for answering our interview questions. Please check out more of her amazing work by visiting her website and following along on Facebook and Instagram.


Full credits: Photographer/Creative Director: Lady Byrd Productions LLC | Model: Ashley BeLoat | HMUA: Natalie Edinger | Location: Tropical Island Nursery in Merritt Island, FL

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