Whim received a curious transmission a little while ago…

We were alerted to the presence of Planet Abodi – the Fall ’17 collection from the luxury fashion label that prides itself on its “painfully beautiful” creations. Beam us up, we are hooked!

Planet Abodi is a shimmering, celestial ride through a retrofuturistic land “where all dreams come true”. It’s mild-mannered librarian chic meets high-drama 70s glamour – embodying the Abodi ethos of “baroque futurism; fusing ancient and futurism, opulence mixed with rigid, [where] robotic technology creates a new religion”.

It’s a highly tactile collection – from starry-night beading and shimmering layers to figure-hugging faux-fur trim (Abodi is cruelty-free!). It also features a night-sky colour pallete – blacks, silvers, purples, and the occasional splash of yellow.

Like much of Abodi’s work, it’s a collection that’s not afraid to take up space. Romantic touches like fur and velvet are turned on their head, monogrammed, pasted with applique roses – and there’s even a unicorn dress. There are some glorious androgynous moments on Planet Abodi in the lounge suits and pinstripe flares. It’s safe to say Ziggy Stardust himself would be gazing down enviously on most of these numbers.

We don’t even care if any of this would be considered “OTT” for officewear – we want it all.

Abodi is the brainchild of award-winning Transylvanian-born Dora Abodi. To see more of her vision, visit Abodi’s official site, like them on Facebook, or follow on Instagram @abodi_official_/.


Cecile Blackmore is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. She writes and edits at The Creative Issue and hoards vintage clothing – follow her adventures on Instagram at @saintcecile.

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