When you move into a new house that you’ve just purchased, getting stuck into DIY is an adventure.

Having a home in your name to stamp your personality all over essentially makes it a total blank canvas and it’s this which you will get to make the way you want it! A good place to start with your new home is from the bottom, and this means the flooring.

When it comes to the floors in your home, what you want and what you should have may not always marry together, especially if you’re of the opinion that high pile carpets are the best option when having children around! Your choices for your home should be based not only on practicality, but whether your floors can withstand the traffic that children and pets bring to it.

Carpets are generally wonderful options for bedrooms, where no shoes are worn, the room is cosy and the carpets don’t have much traffic. It makes hiring PHJ services so much easier for you, too, as you won’t have to try and shampoo the carpets of an entire house! So, the answer here is to get the best options for your home and if you’re short on time and heavy on tread, low maintenance is the way to go. Sweeping, vacuuming and caring for your floors should be smallest of all worries, so it makes good sense to thoroughly research your flooring choices once you start decorating. We’ve put together three of the flooring options that have the lowest maintenance and thus cause you the least amount of stress!


Classic, beautiful and oh-so-easy to maintain, concrete is a popular option for those with DIY dreams for their floors. Concrete may invoke images of factory floors, but with a little warmth and light you can make your concrete floor look beautiful! Jazz it up with rugs like these, acid stain them like these examples to create an intricate piece of art or simply just add concrete floor stamps. There’s no reason to fret about the flooring looking cold and unwelcome!

Ceramic Tile

As with concrete, ceramic tiles are very low maintenance. They are durable so if you have children running around with toys, you don’t have to worry about scratches or dents occurring. It’s stain resistant and a favourite for kitchens and bathrooms and there are so many colours and style options out there that you will be spoilt for choice!


Also known as luxury vinyl tile, LVT is cost-effective in the same way that vinyl is, while having the durability of tiles. There’s nothing specialist that you need to do to keep them looking good, either, just a good scrub when needed. Stain resistance is its biggest pro, and if you’re on a budget it’s a great option.

Flooring matters with your home as you can really express yourself and your style with simple flooring choices. Jazz them up or leave them looking simple, either way is a beautiful choice for your home.


This is a contributed article written for WhimMagazine.com

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