Have you ever been on holiday and found that perfect patisserie down a side street?

‘Alice in Flower & Cake Land’ makes us want a holiday this instant – or at least a break for tea and cake.

Shot by UK-based photographer Maria D’Souza, we’re loving this fun, whimsical shoot with a touch of Parisian charm – and plenty of soft pastel pinks. It’s almost like looking through rose-coloured glasses!

Featuring a stunning floral arrangement, a sunny street, and chic, radiant model Ambre, ‘Alice’ is a joyful shoot celebrating the small, necessary pleasure that is a slice of cake just for you. We’ll be dreaming of sunny Paris streets, sprays of pink roses, and raspberry layer cake tonight!

Keep reading for an inspiring interview with the talented photographer…

Q: When did your love of photography first blossom?

A: I first began to realise I had an interest in photography from a young age. I used to be curious about how camera’s worked. Always keen to hold one in my hand and play around with it. I must have been around age 11 or so when I first got to borrow a camera. I was thrilled to get to use it all by myself. Though I didn’t have a clue how to work it. But I still remember how excited I was having the power to create and capture moments.

Q: What inspires your creativity the most and why?

A: Nature inspires my creativity. I love and adore all things nature. There is just something most wonderful about it. It is a natural creation, not man made. It has a mind of its own and you are surprised by what beauty it decides to create every season. It puts on a magical show for us all. It is simply phenomenal.

Q: Please tell us more about the experience you had planning and capturing this beautiful series?

A: I was after flowers and cake. Those are two of my favourite things. A girl can never have too many flowers and cake. So this brought me and my model to shoot at this charming cafe, beautifully decorated with pink flowers from top to toe. Everything was picture perfect and not to mention tasty!

Q: What advice would you offer to those also wishing to pursue photography?

A: I say you should follow your dreams. Follow your heart and do what YOU really want. You know yourself better than anyone else, so be your own guide, be your own magician. Capture the magic around you to your hearts content. When the time comes, others will soon realise how spectacular you really are!

Q: What do you hope the not-too-distant future holds for your photography career; do you have any exciting, upcoming plans you would like to share with us?

A: I hope to carry on pursing my dreams and my passion for creativity. I hope to carry on building myself in the way I desire to. Continue being inspired by amazing beauty. Capture many more spectacular moments and preserve them for many years to come. I hope to share my adventures around the globe.


Maria D’Souza specialises in portrait and event photography, and prides herself on capturing people and the special moments they create, as well as working wonders with natural light. View more of her work at her official site, follow her on Instagram @ mariadsouzafashionphotographer, and like her on Facebook.


Cecile Blackmore is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. She writes and edits at The Creative Issue and hoards vintage clothing – follow her adventures on Instagram at @saintcecile.

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