Privacy is important at home.

When you have nosey neighbour continually peeking over the fence, or you are worried about the threat of burglars, you want to shelter yourself from the outside world as much as possible. In this article, we will you give some tips on how you can preserve your privacy, both inside and outside your home, letting you relax in peace without the worry of peeping toms (or Marge next door).

On the inside

When we are talking about the interior of your home, it’s all about the windows. You don’t want to close your curtains on a sunny day in an effort to preserve your privacy, so what should you do? Here are possible solutions.

Use window film. Less fussy than net curtains, window film is a modern alternative. People won’t be able to look in but you will have the full view of the world outside.

Go for roller blinds. While quite costly, roller blinds can cover up as much of the window as you want. You should choose the ones that rise up from the bottom of the window, allowing you to have privacy, while still letting the light in from outside.

Try plantation shutters. Similar to Venetian blinds, but with more style. Angle the slats the right way, and you will get all the sunlight you need while keeping snoopers out. Practical and pretty, plantation shutters are a perfect cross between design and function.

On the outside

You want to be able to relax in your garden in peace, especially if you trying to catch a few rays of the sun in your bikini. But what to do about the outside world? While you can’t stop the butterflies getting in, you can keep prying eyes away.

Build a bigger fence. While you don’t want to create anything too tall, you should still consider something that goes above head height to give you total privacy. Poor Marge will have to stand on stepladders if she wants to see what’s going on!

Enclose yourself behind privacy screens. You want to be able to socialise or relax on your patio or decking, so hiring a company such as Lifestyle Patios to fit a custom-made privacy screen, will enable you and your friends the opportunity to remain unseen while still enjoying the day.

Plant some evergreens. Not only do they serve as a beautiful complement to your garden exterior, but a row of evergreen shrubs, such as Camellia Japonica, will also give you the enclosure you need.

Add some umbrellas. You don’t want nosey Marge next door listening in on your private cocktail conversations at your next soiree, so some well-positioned umbrellas around your seating areas will muffle the sound and block the view from her bedroom window.

Remember white noise. As mentioned above, you don’t want to only concentrate on your visual privacy. You don’t want people listening in on you either, especially if you are having a gossip. Adding some sources of white noise, such as a water fountain or some ornamental wind chimes, will block out road noise and invading ears. They will look fabulous, too.


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