We’re so happy to feature Micah Field’s latest shoot, along with the wonderful insight he’s given us into his work in an interview!

Micah is a portrait photographer from Vancouver, Canada, and focuses his work around “how much can be said in one single image”. ‘Khamisa Bridal’ sets a brooding, contemplative mood amidst an open bushland setting, letting in some stunning natural light.

Bridal shoots often capture the feminine and the sublime in fashion and the model’s vintage-style dress is exquisite here – we love the Peter Pan collar and the delicate row of buttons.

Capturing a subject’s eyes is often a crucial aspect of portrait photography, and we love how Micah has “painted” his model with beams of light – we’re completely lost in her eyes! This intimate set of images makes us think of new beginnings, inner power, and examining your thoughts amidst nature.

Keep reading for an inspiring interview with the talented photographer!

Q: When did you realize you wanted to pursue photography?

A: I’ve been drawn to pictures for a long time. Growing up I loved acting and movies (and still do) and after studying acting for a while I realized I also wanted to learn more about being behind the camera. I’d taken photos since I was a kid and actually the reason I joined Facebook back in 2009 was because I wanted to have a place to share my photos with friends.

I started taking it more seriously about a year and a half ago and decided I wanted to do it professionally. What’s always drawn me to photos is, as cliche as it may sound, how much can be said in one single image. For the same reason that films can be beautiful in the complexity of they show through movement, stills photography is beautiful for the opposite reason: having the limits of one frame creates a place where you can test those limits. How much can you show in one frame? How simple can you make it? How adaptable can you be to things that happen at the time of the shoot that may be different than planned? That’s where the beauty in making art comes from for me. Figuring out how to use the environment around me to create this new picture.

Q: What media inspires you?

A: Other photographers that I see online influence me. Sarah England, a great friend of mine, has been making beautiful art for years and her style has made me think a lot about photography. The LooksLikeFilm group on Facebook has a lot of inspiring posts as well. As well as pictures I see of the Pacific North West of North America (my backyard). The world is gorgeous and where I live is emblematic of that which I am reminded of constantly. Seeing a lake or a forest that strikes me, one of my first thoughts is ‘how could I make a photoshoot work here’.

As far as books go, The Sea Is My Brother by Jack Kerouac is one inspiration I can think of and definitely makes me want to shoot more around the sea.

Q: How does your background in cinematography inform your work as a photographer?

A: Studying cinematography gave me more of an understanding of the technical aspects of photography. Learning the technical aspects in a class based environment was helpful because it allows me to envision the settings for a shot I imagine. When I move more to indoor shoots I’ll be able to apply what I learned about lights more. Right now I do a lot of outdoor shoots, usually with solely natural light.

Q: You’re based in Vancouver – how has your experience been as a creative there?

A: It’s been great! It’s an extremely beautiful city and people are very accepting and understanding with creative processes. It can be hard to make a name for yourself but it’s possible if you can make the right connections, true for most cities far as I can tell. It’s encouraging to have creative minds around to work with.

Q: What are you working on next?

A: Right now I’m editing photos from a trip to Costa Rica as well as a couple weddings. I want to do more family shoots and have been dying to do more themed creatives. The list on my phone of ideas for shoots seems to never end. One that I’m pretty stoked about is doing a 70s themed one with old records and fall colours. My style’s been changing to more of an almost smokey film look that I’m pretty happy with.

For more of Micah’s work, visit him online, or follow him on Instagram @micahfieldphotography.


Full credits: Photography: Micah Field Photography | Model: Khamisa Wilsher (both from Vancouver)


Cecile Blackmore is a writer from Brisbane, Australia. She writes and edits at The Creative Issue and hoards vintage clothing – follow her adventures on Instagram at @saintcecile.

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