As the days are starting to feel longer here in Australia

(thanks to summer finally falling upon us), it only seemed fitting to share this beautiful and sun-drenched photo shoot from the Lack of Color blog.

The series is a collaboration between our favourite hat label, Lack of Color, model Mimi Elashiry, and photographer Rob Tilbury, along with beauty by Anna Elshaw and styling by Tess Corvaia.

It wouldn’t be hard to imagine these images were captured on film, as they possess that wonderfully grainy and soft focus that we absolutely love. And as for the setting (which has been described as a “secret French garden paradise in Northern NSW”), we really wouldn’t mind visiting the location to see its magic for ourselves. What a dream!

Keep scrolling for some more inspiring images from this series.

You can find out more about label Lack of Color via their website or by following on Facebook and Instagram. You can also check out the individual work of each creative below. Enjoy!


Full credits: Model: Mimi Elashiry | Photography: Rob Tilbury | Styling: Tess Corvaia | Beauty: Anna Elshaw

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