Summer is in full swing in Australia right now and the season is all about having a great time outdoors. It’s also the perfect time to embrace some cool new styles, so we’ve rounded up our top tips that can help you look stylish and chic without sacrificing your comfort!

Polo Shirts and Dresses

An expertly judged shirt/dress will make you look both smart and cool. Polo shirts have a collar, short sleeves, and generally two to three bottoms. The dress-length version known as the polo dress is perfect for the ladies. The clothing is trendy these days that can help you look cool and avoid getting burned out during the sweltering summer heat.

Look for Light Fabric

During the summer time, you should look for light coloured fabrics. Light colours reflect light due to which you will remain cool and comfortable inside.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting a light coloured attire. From pure white shirt to maxi-dresses, you can select a piece of clothing that can make a style statement. Consider light colour fabrics with patterns. For an extra splash, you can even complete the look with metal studs, embroidery, and ruffles.

Pick the Right Shoes

Most people tend to forget that shoes can also make a fashion statement. For the summer season, women should go for tie-up sandals, gladiators and espadrilles. Men should stick with simple tennis shoes.

Consider Panama Hats

The great thing about Panama hats is that they not only look stylish, but they can also serve as the first line of defence against summer sun damage. You can buy the hats in any colour but the beige and white are great for hot weather.

Consult a Personal Stylist

A personal stylist can help in picking the right clothes and accessories to complement your style. Hiring a personal stylist like will help you in creating a strong personal brand. You will know what will compliment your face, body shape, and hair. Making choices will become easier when you get the help of a stylist.

Rent a Stylish Car

The car you drive can say a lot about your personality and taste. If you want to make the perfect stylish statement, you should go for Italian cars, particularly the Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider. The cars look stunningly stylish and beautiful as you can see at


Stylish attire and a gorgeous car make you look cool and chic. And summer time is the best time to flaunt your style. Whatever you wear, make sure that you are comfortable in it. Find your own personal style and flaunt it confidently!


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