Your home can be just the place where you relax after along day at work, or it can be a constant source of inspiration to you; a place that’s always giving you ideas and pushing you to do more.

If you’re the creative type, you’ll know creativity and inspiration go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it makes sense to make your home as inspiring as it can possibly be if you want to see your creativity levels soar.

With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to ramp-up the creativity in your home:

Choose Used Furniture

Why fill your home with second-hand furniture? Two reasons: firstly, when your furniture is older, and it hasn’t cost you quite as much as that brand new couch could have done, then you’re much less likely to get precious about it, which means you won’t mind if it gets paint on it or if it gets covered in glue.

Secondly, used furniture tends to be a lot more interesting than the standard furniture of the day, which is often pretty uniform in nature. Not only does it look a bit different, but you can take inspiration from the various marks on that table – how did they get there and what do they mean? 

The Bolder the Better

There is something of a trend for plain white or cream walls in a lot of home decor circles. However, it isn’t exactly the most inspiring choice. If you want you home to spark your creativity, so that you can’t stop snapping or you’re moved to capture a scene on the canvas immediately, fill it with color and just watching the way the light hits a particular wall will be enough to get your creativity flowing.  

Find a Place for the Tools of Your Trade

We don’t mean finding a cabinet or drawer where you can hide your lenses or your paint brushes away. We’re talking about finding a prominent place in the space to display them so that you’re always ready for action. Leave your favorite photography camera on the coffee table, build a set of shelves for your art books or ensure that there’s always a palette of paint on the kitchen table and things will just come to you.

Build a Studio

Okay, so this one is a biggy, but if you have enough savings or you can get one of the many easy loans for home improvement, building an annexe, sun room or even a high-quality shed, that you can use as a studio is a pretty good way of boosting your creativity.

Install Your Own Artwork

The best way to boost your own creativity is by riffing off the creativity of others, which is why you should fill your home with sculptures, paintings, prints and other Object D’art that you love and which make you feel.

These ideas may be simple, but you can bet that you will become a much more creative person if you use them to transform your home.


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