Planning your holiday for the summer already?

In January and February many of us in the northern hemisphere start to look forward to the summer where we can say goodbye to those winter blues once and for all. If you are currently planning your holiday, one of the biggest things you will need to think about is the accommodation.

Will you choose to stay in a hotel or rent out a villa? If you are currently undecided on what you want to do, we can change your mind…

The Cost

If you look on websites such as this company, you will see that actually, a villa can be much more cost effective to stay in during your time away from home. The great thing about this is that you will be able to enjoy your stay in private and still be spending less money than you would in a crowded hotel.  

A Second Home

The beauty of staying in a villa when you go abroad is the fact that you have privacy. Rather than being in a hotel room amongst countless other holiday goers, you are in your own private home with the space and comforts of home. You can relax by the pool outside, cook your family a meal and eat it on the patio, or simply sit in and enjoy the atmosphere.

It Suits You

One of the great things about picking a villa instead of a hotel room is that you have much more of a choice when it comes to facilities and design. If you fancy staying in an ultra modern home with minimalist design, you can! If you would rather stay in a small and quaint home with wooden furniture, you can. There is tonnes of different types of villas for rent so you can choose whatever you think suits you the best.

Extra Facilities

A lot of the time when you rent a villa, you will be treated to a pool outside the house which is for your own private use during your stay. Many villas will also offer some of the amenities hotels provide such as a bar, gym, sauna, spa and much more. The difference is that you don’t need to get up at 6am to reserve a deck chair if you stay in a villa!

They Are Perfect For Families

Sometimes when you book a holiday with the kids it can be more trouble than it’s worth, but when you stay in a villa, you will find that it is much less stressful for the whole family. It means that you have the kitchen on hand whenever the kids become hungry, they can have privacy in their own rooms, and to have private places to play outside which will mean everyone stays safe. The biggest bonus is that if your kids make a mess, you can deal with it without worrying about what the hotel staff are going to say to you.

They Can Be Pet Friendly

If you hate the thought of going on holiday and leaving your dog in a kennel, this can be a great solution for you. Many villas allow you to bring your pet with you for the holiday meaning that they get to enjoy life in another country for a while too. It’s not often you will get a hotel which offers the same.

It’s A Great Place For A Party

If you are going on holiday to celebrate something such as a wedding, an anniversary or someone’s birthday, you won’t have to go out to find somewhere to hold your party or a meal. Host it at the villa and have fun decorating the space, spending time with the people you love and chilling out in your own personal space. It is much more relaxed and much cheaper than booking a meal or hiring a venue.

Connect With The Country

The first place many think of when they want to go away is the holiday resorts by the beach. These are great for a relaxing week away, but you are not experiencing the true nature of the country, if you go here. Instead why not try to book a villa a little set back from the resorts, and this way you will be able to embrace the full feeling of being in a foreign country. Take the time to walk through the quaint villages, climb mountains and enjoy the scenery of authentic lands.

It’s Relaxing

Peace and quiet is something that many of us don’t get to enjoy often enough. It will surprise you how quiet a villa can be compared to the noise level you are used to when you go to a hotel. Although a hotel is relaxing in a way, it is not until you are sat in your own private pool overlooking the sea that you will truly feel that sense of calm. Enjoy not having to speak to anyone other than your family, being able to read 14 books in 2 weeks and having as much food as you can eat.

It Can Be Social

Because of the nature of a villa compared to a hotel, you will find that it is more social than a hotel holiday. This is because when you stay in a hotel you are likely just staying with your immediate family, but when you stay at a villa you are more likely to go with friends or extended family because the villa can accommodate it.

You Can Cook

One of the great things about staying in a villa rather than a hotel is the fact that you are able to cook for you and the family every night if you want to. You can go out for meals some nights, and then just stay at home and cook some simple dishes on others. It’s better than staying in a hotel where you are forced to fork out for meals out every day. And you can make things much easier for any fussy eaters in the family too!


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