While fashion and trends change with the season, the best way to always look on trend is to develop your signature style.

Finding your signature look will change the way you approach clothes shopping and your colour palette to make it easier for you to look effortless and stylish every day. Get help turning your signature look into a stylish one with the following tips.

Get to know your body type

Having great style doesn’t always have to mean buying into the latest trends. Dressing comfortably and wearing clothes that flatter your figure will help up the style stakes much more than the latest catwalk craze will. Learn how to dress for your body shape and find clothes that make you look and feel good. If you’re going to buy into trends, opt for shoes and accessories instead – these will suit every body type and will be wearable season after season.

Invest in statement items

One of the key secrets of stylish women is that they invest in key items and mix them with wardrobe staples to create effortless looks. Some statement item are worth the investment, such as coats, jeans and handbags that can form an important part of your look. While statement items might require a bit of investment, you can mix them with more affordable basics to keep things balanced.

Preserve your clothes

If you walk around with holes in your sleeves or missing buttons, then you’re not projecting your most stylish self. Sometimes the most effortless styles are not due to what clothes are worn, but how they’re worn instead. Look after your clothes by fixing broken items and storing them correctly. Pests like moths and silverfish can ruin your clothes, so get the professionals in straight away. Make sure that when you store your clothes, you put them in places where they won’t get dusty or damp and try to hang up as many of your clothing items as possible to keep them looking fresh.

Organise your wardrobe

If you struggle to put outfits together in the morning, your wardrobe layout could be to blame. Instead of just putting things into your wardrobe at random, organise them by colour or by item type to help you put looks together easily. By taking charge of your wardrobe, you’ll find it much easier to get dressed and find pieces that match, so it’s worth the time investment to get it in proper shape. Have a regular clear out to get rid of things you no longer want or need, making sure your wardrobe is only filled with pieces you want to wear.

Remember that your style is unique to you and you should wear the things that you love and feel great in. This will change during the seasons and looking stylish in summer requires a different set of rules to winter. Find your signature style and put your best foot forward to ensure you leave the house with a smile every day.


This is a contributed article written for WhimMagazine.com

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