As little as twenty years ago, the phrase ‘digital nomad’ hadn’t quite been coined yet.

Thanks to the growing accessibility of technological advancements (including wireless internet and laptops), being a digital nomad is now actually a thing. And a popular one at that too.

For those who aren’t so familiar with the term, a digital nomad is simply someone who is location independent and uses technology to perform their job. To paint a more glamorous picture of the phrase, a digital nomad could refer to a freelance writer who types away in Parisian cafes, or a blogger who creates posts while lounging by the side of a pool. Sounds pretty good, right?

While some of us dream of leaving the 9-5 cubicle life and becoming a digital nomad, others are already living it, and at a growing rate too. Today, we’re going to look at the must-visit destinations for digital nomads in 2018, in the hopes of inspiring these autonomous workers to dream even bigger.


Bali is an affordable, culturally-rich, and stunning location, serving as the perfect place for a digital nomad to visit, even if just for a week. The wide variety of resorts (not to mention Bali deals) means there’s a destination to suit every type of traveller, plus what could be more relaxing than working while the sun sets over the ocean?


Sometimes, you don’t even need to leave your country in order to discover a tranquil and tropical destination to spend your precious working hours. We like to call this a ‘workcation’, and if you live in Australia and only want to escape for a few days, a Queensland travel package may be the perfect choice.


While there certainly seems to be a theme popping up here, we can’t deny the allure of beachside resorts, sparkling seas, and palm trees. Can you get a better working backdrop than that? Digital nomads will love Fiji because of the archipelago’s 300+ islands, as well as its coral reefs with clear lagoons. Simply pull out your laptop and kick-back with an iced drink in-hand. Now that’s the life!

Canada and Alaska

Steering away from the topical island theme now, we also believe that a visit to Canada and Alaska would serve as an inspirational and picturesque setting for any digital nomad. Whether you take to the destination via cruise ship or a railway journey such as the Rocky Mountaineer, both act as the perfect opportunity to embrace the flexibility and fun of being a digital nomad.

Cruising the Seas

For the digital nomads who have a dozen destinations in mind for their ‘workcations’, these cruise deals are just the thing for you. They’ll take you across a variety of locations, whether it be South-East Asia, Europe, the South Pacific, Caribbean, or more. With flowing mocktails (not to mention endless Wi-fi), it’s sure to be a journey that is both productive yet relaxing for the location-independent worker.

There you have it – our must-visit destinations for digital nomads in 2018. For more great holiday deals and packages, check out Webjet on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Where will your next trip take you? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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