Style is all about adapting. The beauty of fashion is that no two days ever have to be the same – just as you change up what you plan to wear for the weather, so you can switch it up to suit different moods.

Sometimes, you  also just want to stand out. Perhaps there’s a person you’re hoping to impress. Perhaps it’s a big occasion you’ve been looking forward to. Whatever the reason, if you want all eyes on you, make sure it’s for the right reasons. You want to radiate the chic allure of an A-lister or a top fashion editor. Here’s how…

Do More With Less

Truly stand-out style is as much about what you don’t wear, as what you do. Confused? While a killer accessory can absolutely make an outfit, so one piece too many can break it. As fashion icon Coco Chanel famously said “elegance is restraint’. Knowing when to hold back is vital, and it’s something that many get wrong. Generally, loud statement pieces should be allowed room to breathe by keeping the rest of an outfit classic and neutral. Find a great place to stock up on basics and one for more statement pieces such as Fresh Soul Clothing.

Never Overdo The Labels

Too many obvious logos and shouty designer pieces are just poor taste. They don’t make you look as if you have great style – just as if you follow whatever the crowd tells you is popular. If you are going to wear a design classic – like the Chanel 2.55 or a distinctive Alexander McQueen skull scarf – make it the only brand you’re sporting, and tone the rest of the outfit down. You should wear the label, not the label wear you – otherwise you will never look confident and authentic in your choices.

Balance Alluring with Comfortable

It’s also important to make sure your outfits are balanced. For example, pairing a leather pencil skirt with a buttoned up, short, and slouchy sweater can look amazing. And if you do want to wear that alluring strappy camisole? What better pairing than some relaxed boyfriend jeans?

Find What Works For You

The trick to getting noticed for your style is to work out a few key shapes and outfit combinations that work for you, and repeating them in different colours and textures. Every woman known for their elegance has used this trick. If you do want to make sure you look current, it’s easy to update your look with a few small nods, such as a colour or pattern rather than going all out.

First and foremost, make sure you are comfortable in what you’re wearing. Your style is personal to you, so be true to it. Being confident is the thing that will make you look best, so go for it.


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