The great thing about having your own home is the endless possibilities of what you can do with the place.

If you’re an artistic person, making your home suitable for creative endeavors, or making your home thoroughly inspiring to, not just visitors, but yourself, could be a very exciting task to take on. How do we do this? Well, very simply, making your home into a center for culture. We all have our own ideas on what makes a home an inspiring place to be, but here are a few things to take on board.

Put Some Art On The Wall

No, don’t just put any art on the wall, think of what gets your mind going! From the mind-melding images of Rothko, to the deepness of Malevich’s Black Square, you can get prints and put them up in the middle of your living room. These will be fantastic talking pieces if you have many gatherings, or if you aren’t so keen on that, it’s something to continually inspire you when you’re stuck for ideas.

Have A Vinyl Collection

Making your home a bit more of a experience isn’t just about placing some pieces of art on the wall. You need to make it a multi-sensory experience, and having a diverse range of vinyl, doesn’t just provide you with inspiring soundscapes, but a vinyl record collection looks amazing and conjures up a simpler time before MP3. No matter your taste in music, from Miles Davis to Prokofiev, or Metallica to Britney Spears, it’s all something to put you on a new musical direction!

Movie Meetings

A home theater is a great little addition to a trendy apartment or house. If you have the space, you can set up a fully-fledged home theater experience, with a projector if you can source one, but these are going to drain the electricity no end. It’s important to have a cheap supplier for this, click here to see if you are on the best possible electricity plan. If you have the space, a place to have friends gather and pore over the intricate details of Fellini films or, if you have the constitution and the concentration, David Lynch’s Eraserhead, that’s an evening of culture!

Fun Gatherings (With Food To Match)

If you are a sort of person who enjoys gatherings of all walks of life, and you’ve got the space, and you can put all of these elements together and create a small happening! You could have a room for each aspect, from the art, to the music, to the movies, but you need some food to match. As is the trend now, vegan food is a crowd pleaser, but it doesn’t have to be flavourless! You can deep fry some mixed vegetable croquettes, kung pao cauliflower bites, or some broccoli pate with quinoa crackers and you’ve got a exciting smorgasbord of food, with culture to match!

Turning your home into culture central can be very exciting, especially if you’ve just acquired a new space. The possibilities are endless, and if you’ve got the room, there is no end to your inspiration in these spaces.


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