Photography: Chantelle Kemkemian | Model: Bethan Arthur | Clothing by Charlotte & Moon
Photography: Chantelle Kemkemian | Model: Bethan Arthur | Clothing by Charlotte & Moon


Whim Online Magazine loves receiving mail, whether it’s a suggestion, query, or simply to just say hello!

Whim is also always on the lookout for emerging photographers and artists who have a whimsical, nostalgic, or dreamy aesthetic. Whim also loves being introduced to new fashion labels, creative writers, Etsy shops or blogs. Feel free to email any links to your work if you are interested in being featured.


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    • Hello Simone! At this stage Whim is an online-only publication, so unfortunately we do not have hard copies available. Hopefully this changes in the not-too-distant future :)

  1. Hello Whim Magazine,
    I am a makeup artist of many talents, I producing a photo shoot coming up in the next few weeks that I would love to submit to your magazine. I’ve made one of a kind headpieces, wondrous makeup design, and even transforming s couple models into popular fairy tale creatures. I wanted to clarify just a few things before I do. Is there a model limit? Posting photos from the shoot before its submitted/published in your magazine will not hinder the chances being published in your magazine? As an makeup artist will I be featured and the models/photographer both credited in the submission? Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!
    Whitney Mears

    • Hello Whitney!

      Thanks so much for getting in contact with us regarding your upcoming photoshoot! It sounds wonderful, and I have answered your questions below:
      – We don’t have a model limit, so you are more than welcome to use as many models as you’d like!
      – Posting photos of your shoot previous to having it published will not hinder your chances at all :)
      – It is important for us to be able to credit all of those involved in the shoot, so you can be assured that everyone’s names and even links can be included with your submission.

      Please contact us at if you have any further questions or wish to share the images with us once they are ready :)

      Best wishes,
      Melanie (Editor / Founder)

    • Hey Hayleah, We’d be delighted to work with your label! I have now emailed all of the information over to you :)

    • Hi Brooke! Unfortunately we have paused creating digital issues for the foreseeable future to concentrate on our main platform, the Whim website :) We still love seeing submissions though and will continue to publish work on the site if it’s a great fit! Thanks, Melanie

  2. Hi Whim Magazine,
    I recently heard about your online magazine because I did a shoot that should be published on your website soon.
    I was just wanting to enquire if you possibly offered work experience? I am very interested in magazines, fashion and modelling and would love if I could spend 5 days doing work experience with your magazine.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    • Hi Trinh! Thanks so much for getting in touch with us about work experience :) Unfortunately at this stage we are unable to offer work experience here at Whim Online Magazine, but I appreciate your interest. Wishing you the best of luck in finding a suitable work experience placement! x

    • Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for getting in touch! I loved creating the Amari Kartini feature :) Unfortunately we don’t have hard copies of our issues available, but this is something we may be working on in the future – Fingers crossed!

      Best wishes,

  3. Hi Melanie, I really like the style of the magazine, I am a chilean Photographer, I just e-mail you with one set of photos. I work fashion but mainly art. Art nudes and works in water, for more than a year. I want to ask you if you can (or want) to publish nude art work (of course on the style of Whim, mainly torso and back of the models) Thank you ,
    Kind regards,

    Paula Bertrán @paulabertrans

    • Hi Paula, thanks so much for getting in touch! We’ll answer your email shortly, but in regards to your question, we usually don’t publish nude artworks only due to our readership being as young as 12. Although the majority of our audience are a lot older, we just try to keep the content appropriate for all ages if possible :) I hope that helps!

    • Hi Betty,
      Thanks so much for bringing this issue to my attention! I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing problems receiving the planner, so I have just emailed it to you using the email address you supplied above :) Hope that works!

      Best wishes,

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