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Miss Patina Spring  Summer 16 Campaign on Whim Online Magazine 4

Lookbook: Miss Patina Spring / Summer 16 Campaign

Psst…vintage lovers! We cannot stop thinking about Miss Patina’s Spring/Summer lookbook. Miss Patina is a London-based brand with many vintage-inspired pieces, showcasing the quirky, fun and feminine. (They have a whole section devoted to “Cat Inspired Design”). Their spring/summer collection – shot as a classic day out on a pebbly British seaside – is full […] Read more…

'Building Castles in the Sky' by Cansu Ozkaraca on Whim Online Magazine 8

Photoshoot + Interview: ‘Building Castles in the Sky’ by Cansu Ozkaraca

Two years ago, we featured a 16-year-old Cansu Ozkaraca’s stunning photoshoot titled ‘Blue Skies’, and now we’re stoked to be able to bring you her latest, ethereal work. ‘Building Castles in the Sky’ had us mesmerized from the get-go, with Cansu’s breath-taking images showcasing floral adornments, pink smoke, majestic crowns, and plenty of lace. We’ve also got […] Read more…

'Atargatis, The First Mermaid' by Jesse Campbell Photography on Whim Online Magazine 8

Photoshoot + Interview: ‘Atargatis, The First Mermaid’ by Jesse Campbell Photography

Artemis, Hecate, Ophelia…Jesse Campbell is a California-based photographer who brings about modern touches to myths and classic literature through her work, capturing strong, beautiful characters with stories to tell. In his recent shoot “Atargatis”, Jesse draws us into a mermaid’s grotto to retell the Syrian tale of the first mermaid, a goddess who fell in […] Read more…

Review - Essential Oils by Earth Philosophy on Whim Online Magazine 1

Review: Essential Oils by Earth Philosophy

I’ve been a dabbler with essential oils since I was a young kid, especially after I began to suffer from regular migraines and my mum would apply lavender oil to my forehead. Since then, I’ve also began to use rosemary oil to relieve tension headaches and migraines, along with tea tree oil as a natural […] Read more…

'Aphrodite' by Clair Saint-Camille on Whim Online Magazine 6

Photoshoot + Interview: “Aphrodite” by Clair Saint-Camille

“Hearing the sound of the real mechanical shutter, feeling in my hands the heaviness of a camera that’s been around longer than I’ve been alive…” We love Oregon-based photographer Clair Saint-Camille’s ability to take expired film and make work that’s so full of youth and life. We’re bewitched by his latest set – Aphrodite, shot […] Read more…


Whim Loves: Retro Record Players by Rockit

If there’s one nostalgic item that a vintage or retro inspired home isn’t complete without, it’s a record player. With popular bloggers (like our Issue 12 cover star Liv Purvis) featuring their treasured turntables on a regular basis, no one can deny the fact that vinyl has made a serious comeback (and we think it’s […] Read more…

'Paganism' by Adriana Fuentevilla ft. Miss Pandora on Whim Online Magazine 7

Photoshoot + Interview: ‘Paganism’ by Adriana Fuentevilla ft. Louise Ebel of Miss Pandora

When Mexico-born photographer Adriana Fuentevilla moved to Paris, she got the opportunity to collaborate with a muse she’d been admiring for a long time – vintage style blogger Louise Ebel. In “Paganism”, Louise cuts a heavenly figure as a playful goddess in peach chiffon, dreaming by the water’s edge and making music in caves. “One […] Read more…

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